Juho Eronen – Finland

[Editor’s Note: This is the courageous story of a young man and his wife who stumbled across the ministry of Michael Howard and Out of Africa in Finland and who recognized the evil and demonic presence almost from the onset.  Thank the Lord that the Holy Spirit delivered them before they were placed in bondage under these seducing spirits.]


My story.

Me and my wife had difficult times in our lives. We were suffering and hurting and we had a small 2 year old baby girl.

In our darkest hour, I accidentally met a man that had gone to Michael’s meetings (Marko H.) and he suggested me to attend his marriage-counseling sessions. I first went to one of Michaels praise meetings with Marko in Tampere, and it seemed ok, but something was off in the atmosphere. I felt this strange violence present in the meetings. People shouted and praises, but something was not right and it made me very unease…

Yet, I disregarded my spiritual senses and trusted outsiders instead of my intuition. I had only heard good things about Michael and had read a couple of his books, so we attended.

[Editor’s Note: for more information about Marko, please click here]

The counseling was a surprise to me. There was 3 men present with us. Michael, Harri and Marko. It was like some sort of inquisition. Michael started the session by looking at us angrily and spitting out “ok what is your problem!!!” ..my wife locked up at this point. I was stunned, but I went into some kind of submissive state and couldn’t back away from the situation anymore. I explained in detail what we had been through. While i was explaining the horrid details, Michael interrupted and asked me WHY ARE YOU GETTING ANGRY!? I was shocked to his angry suggestion, as i was not getting upset. The one that seemed angy was actually him. I was merely showing an emotional response to the horrible traumatic events we had experienced by stuttering while talking.  He turned to his colleagues and said ” a spirit of hate yes…clearly” I was like …ehm what?

Then he started his abuse-session: He turned to my wife and spat his words out of his mouth to my wife without any kind respect or kindness “You hate men!?” My wife tried to say: “no i don’t…” But he interrupted and nearly shouted YES YOU DO!!, You have a man-hating spirit in you!!” You never supported your husband and you have a man hating spirit in you!!!” My wife, who has never hurt a fly could just sit there afraid to say a word. Somehow we both just went along with this like in a nightmare…

The “inquisition” layed their hands on my wife and started shouting “GET OUT!!!! NOOOOW GET OUT GET OUUT!!!!” After a few minutes of shouting and screaming, they stopped… My wife was just sitting there stunned. Later, my wife told me she felt a horrible fear coming over her once they started praying and she prayed “Jesus help!” in her mind and after that prayer she felt the fear couldn’t touch her. After many minutes of shouting they stopped.

Once they had finished abusing my wife they came to me and started laying their hands shouting like raving maniacs. At that point I sensed a presence near me, approaching me. I first thought it must be a ministering angel, but as I looked at it in spirit, I felt disgusted by its presence. I realised it was some sort of evil spirit standing right next to Michael Howard trying to approach me. Right then I realised I had no demon of hate inside of me, but it was Michael Howard and his demonic “inquisition” that was trying to impart a demon in my body to have a manifestation, so they could think they are actually driving something out.

I said in my mind ” you have no power over me because the blood of Jesus protects me” And the evil spirit remained still. I did not give it permission to touch me and manifest itself as Michael and these other men hoped. Naturally the exorcism had no result. I just sat there quietly while they shouted and screamed. After all this shouting and raving, he concluded…we are going to need more sessions.

What a sick, perverted joke… Michael uses lies to deceive believers into believing they have demons and when they believe the lies he tells them, the demons that follow him enter and manifest themselves in them. This is absolutely disgusting…It is witchraft.

Once we arrived home, it was like waking up from a bad dream. We felt like we had been mugged by a band of robbers. Every part of our souls was confused and hurting. When we got home I apologised to my wife that I remained silent during her abuse. I was confused. What had gone over me to make me this submissive to watch my wife being abused like this? My wife was in shock and it took her quite some time to get over the negative impact Michael’s abuse had caused her.

I started feeling that God was telling me I must send Michael an e-mail. I was shocked. I had never done anything like this before. I couldn’t possibly send a man of God an e-mail…I was just a small believer with personal problems!

But the Lord wouldn’t leave me alone until I did. He said: “I often speak through the little ones. Those in leadership, who are not humble, will miss my council. Michael needs to hear this” I also talked with Marko on the phone and asked if he felt anything was wrong during the session. He thought it went absolutely fine and everything was great. It seems this kind of abuse is normal in their ministry. I was speechless…

Well I wrote something I could muster…Afterwards I realised  I was strangely soft and even thanked him for casting out imaginary demons while absolutely nothing manifested during our “exorsism”. What made me like this? After spending time just alone with the Lord I think I figured what had happened to me.

I think theres a demonic spirit around Michaels ministry that makes peopIe abnormally submissive and causes them to agree and admit things that aren’t true. His victims even admire him and respect him while he abuses them. It makes people into kind of puppets, filled with delusional admiration and fearful obedience and at the same time blinds them to the violence and abuse going around them. It causes people to ignore all the warning signs and fear inside them as they jump around doing what ever their puppet master commands. And all who dare to disagree are met with violent, hateful words like piercing lashes of a whip. This way the spirit is forcing them back into submission. Does this sound like the Holy Spirit to you? Does this sound like an apostle of Jesus? I don’t think so.

There is real spiritual authority and then there is authority established by demonic fear and trickery. After reading my e-mail again I am confident this is so. I would never in my clear mind have written my e-mail so pleasingly and strangely submissively, even admiring and flattering this man of violence, unless I had been in contact with a strong, manipulative spirit. This deceiver makes people think they are in the presence of a “great end time apostle of God.”

We actually thought we had been delivered from demons though absolutely nothing happened. Later on I understood what was actually going on, but only after God reminded me what I had felt during the sessions. He can really guide us to the truth as long as we stay true to his word.

The word clearly says that the enemy has been defeated and he has no power over us. He has no authority to enter and torment us as he pleases.

Col 2:15 “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” I believe that We can rest easy as we are seated with Him in this total victory over the devil and all his minions. If an enemy is defeated and made a public spectacle, it means he has no weapons and he is being paraded around naked…that is the military term Paul uses in this bible verse. I will never submit to any kind of teaching that distorts this reality and tries to make me lower my shield of faith. If I empower the devil in my mind, he will use this and start terrorizing me. But if I stand firm in the Word and declare total victory he must flee.


After I found out the truth, God told me to burn all Michael’s books and told me not to subject myself to any of his writings because they carry violence in them and cause spiritual confusion.

Me and my wife renounced all the demonic words that were spoken over us as lies from the devil and our family has been going forward and God has healed our relationship. I thank God He did not allow me to become one of the submissive puppets. We would probably be in a very dark place as a family right now if He hadn’t shown us the right path.

God’s Word is the only thing that gives us understanding when discerning what is going on.

It gives us clear instruction how to serve with spiritual gifts, and what kind of characteristis we should expect from people who minister to us. 1 Cor. 13 clearly states us that even if a man has the gift of prophecy and knows all secrets, even if he has all knowledge and even if he can move mountains by faith he has nothing if he does not have love. If a leader doesn’t subject himself to word of God and walk in love, he is like a clanging cymbal, nothing more.

1 Cor 13:4 states:Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. These are the characteristics that a godly minister should have.

Even Gal 5:22-23 states “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control”

A leader who neglects kindness, goodness, gentleness, love and self-control can not claim hes walking in line with the truth.

Here is the email that I sent Mr. Howard.  I had already deleted his response, which was abusive. I tried to find it everywhere but i had deleted it.

I do remember how he responded. It went like this: You are disrespectful! You are blind! You are manipulative and utterly selfish person with absolutely no discernment! Your wife has a man hating spirit and unless you both DIE! nothing will change…

CLICK HERE to read Juho’s letter to Mr. Howard

I hope this testimony helps all Michael’s victims find the courage to stand up.

Juho Eronen

November 21, 2015

[Editor’s Note: there is nothing can be added to this.  What a powerful and discerning spirit Juho has as a young believer!  God is so faithful to protect us from the deception and lies of the enemy, if we only trust Him and keep our eyes focused on Him!]