Mark & Maria Cronin

[Editor’s Note: I first heard about Mark & Maria through Michael Howard.  I was told that they were thieves and that they had been run off by him from the work in Nkhotakota.  When I asked why, he told me that they had never prayed and “taken the territory” in the spiritual and that he could not therefore allow them to ever minister there in the natural.  At the time, I believed him.  Jim & Eileen Kirt confirmed this story at my own home.  Now that the truth has been revealed, it is just one more lie to add to the many others that I heard from Michael Howard and which were backed up by Jim & Eileen.]

Testimony of Mark and Maria Cronin

I first found out about Michael Howard when I was praying at home in Essex, England and the Holy Spirit clearly told me, “Read some teaching from the African church and to study intercession!” That was all I heard.

I went straight onto Ebay typed in African Intercession and there was Michael Howard’s book, An African Intercessor. I was hooked and read the whole book the same day it arrived. So I contacted a lovely lady in Weston-Super-Mare (WSM) and ordered another 5 of Michael’s books. Well she later called me and notified me that Michael would be holding a conference in WSM and she encouraged me to come. I booked my coach ticket and that was all of my money gone so I decided I would sleep on the streets for the 2 nights of the conference as I was so hungry to hear this man’s teaching after reading these books. I did not have to sleep rough as a friend of a friend very lovingly opened their home to me and even dropped me off daily at the church for the meetings! Well to make a long story short I went to Mark Winterton’s house for a lunch and Michael was also eating there and this is when I found out that Michael had a Bible school in Malawi and I asked if I could attend. (This was in the Autumn of 2006). Michael asked me to email him a short testimony and explain why I wanted to come to his Bible school, which I did the next day I think. I was accepted and was told I would need to raise enough money for school fees and my living for 2-3 years. The fees were about £1650 – 2000 a year (I can’t remember exactly) and that included meals. It was a bargain!!! I applied for night work at a local Sainsbury’s and worked for the next 6 months raising the money I needed. As soon as I had enough, I booked my tickets and was off in April 2007.

I originally stayed with 3 Finnish young men next to Michael’s house, who had been attending the Bible school for the previous year and a half. The Bible school was not actually running when I arrived (nobody told me this!!). The reason for this was that Frank (the only other teacher in the school apart from Michael) had been so stressed by the last 2 years in Malawi that he was back in USA questioning whether he would continue to teach. (He told me this himself later on). So, instead of attending classes we were painting the new Kalibu Academy, which at that time was still under construction.

Me painting

This is me painting a ceiling; This was my “Bible School” training in the beginning; not exactly what I signed up for…

We were picked up from our house at about 6-7am Mon – Fri and drove for about 30-45 minutes to Kalibu where we worked hard all day and then got back home at about 6pm. This routine carried on for about 2 – 3 months and I was starting to question what am I doing here. Well finally the Bible school did begin and we started learning at the Kalibu campus in the morning and then worked all afternoon and got home at about 6pm still.

One of the first things that made me question some of what was happening at Kalibu was when I heard some of the stories going around among the native Bible students on how they were beaten with big sticks and humiliated by Paisley Mavutula daily! My first class with Michael was on the subject of: MYOB – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! We were told to stop questioning God and to just DIE, LISTEN and OBEY!!!! And it was also told to us that Michael is of God and therefore it was the same rules when it came to him and the other leaders in Kalibu. We were told constantly to stop being spoiled little brats from the West and that we just can’t understand Africa, so stop trying.

Michael’s favorite saying is TIA – THIS IS AFRICA. So it was clearly taught that we were to just listen and obey and not to meddle in anything. If we did, we were REBELS and God was against us.

[Editor’s Note: I have heard the same sermon on MYOB and TIA more than once.  Michael has nothing but disgust verbally for the West, despite the fact that all of his financial support comes from it and that only Westerners are allowed to be in any form of leadership in any ministry he runs.  If anyone questions anything unrighteous in Africa, these are the two go to responses: MYOB and TIA.]

My whole 3 years of studies went along those lines! I turned a blind eye to a lot of abuse and it disgusts me that I could be so weak! I remember one morning when we were waiting for the ride to Kalibu (with Frank) and the Malawian students were late (because they had a lot of work to do at Michael’s house before the dayss work) Paisley shouted in his usual FURIOUS manner and then made the 3 late students sit down in their smart clothes in a muddy puddle in front of all of us! He said they were too proud – They missed classes that day as they did not have a change of clothes that was considered smart enough! I have seen broom handles, mop handles, blackwood rods and many other objects smashed and broken on students of Kalibu Academy and the Bible school through what can only be described as violent beatings!

One incident at Kalibu was so bad that I will never forget the screams I heard. A girl who had been expelled from Kamuzu Academy was very troublesome at Kalibu and she was always in trouble. One day I was waiting to meet with Michael (He was still the Headmaster of Kalibu at the time) in his office so I was stood just outside his door. I heard a lot of shouting and then very loud whip sounds and terrible crying. I then saw Chikonde (the student) come crawling out of the office on hands and knees tears flowing from her eyes in absolute agony! I was very much taken back by the scene, but then was called into the office so I went in. I saw Michael with a great big grin on his face and he proceeded to brag about how Isaac Pakulantanda had just broken his blackwood rod on Chikonde’s backside. I don’t think I have ever seen Michael so happy as at that moment. He then told Isaac to show me the rod and it must have been about 30mm thick and made of a wood that is so dense that it sinks in water! I was later told by other students that Chikonde could not sit down for a long time and the beating left her so injured she struggled to even sleep! When a student would not bend over properly in the Headmasters office to be caned, the head of security was called in and the student was forced to bend over a chair and their hands were held down on the chair and they were then beaten.

[Editor’s Note: Isaac Pakulantanda is now a lawyer after Michael paid to put him through university and law school.  I met him during my first trip to Kalibu and liked him at the time.  Little did I know that his involvement in my land deal would end up in substantial financial losses and that he would avoid me on every future occasion I was there so that I could not confront him about his unrighteous and dishonorable practices.  When the truth about the theft of my land is finally sorted out in court, I expect that he will be sanctioned or disbarred.]

Everything at Kalibu was COMPULSORY! I remember how the workers used to get so badly treated in front of everyone. If someone was not doing what they wanted them to do when they wanted and how they wanted, they were belittled so badly. We as international students had to have a local “disciple” who would clean our clothes and work for the ministry (we had to pay them not Kalibu though!). Well the first guy I was given we later found out had 2 wives and had children with both. He was a hard man and was no push over but I remember one day when he and 4 other disciples were taken to the Headmaster’s office regarding some disobedience and they were all beaten so badly by Christopher Navaya that they could barely even sit down that day. Another day I was at home in Sigelege and David (my disciple at the time) came with tears in his eyes and he told me he had to leave or he would hit Paisley. I asked why, he told me he had been beaten again for no reason and that the money was not worth this. The list of beatings I can testify to are innumerable! And I am not talking a smack on the back of the hand!

Africa videot 2006 038

This was the “disciples” housing; FOUR men crammed in behind each door, with no ceiling, just an iron sheet roof.

I also remember the despicable manner in which our village pastors were received at the Headquarters in Blantyre, especially when the Academy opened. Even Pastors who had been with the ministry since it opened were not allowed to walk on the school premises until they had permission. They sat at the main gate (on a wooden bench if they were lucky) sometimes for over 8 hours before they were told to go away and come again tomorrow. Often they had been ordered to come to the Headquarters in the first place!! We were told that we were to never give money to any worker of Kalibu even the pastors! We were told they were not trustworthy and only wanted money! Considering Michael speaks constantly of the revival meetings he holds in Africa he has very little confidence in the so called vessels of this revival.

[Editor’s Note: I was personally given a stern warning just like this more than once, and told to never give anything to anyone on the staff at any time.  I was told that they were compensated well enough and that they would prey upon me as a Westerner.  Michael personally told me that he knew them, I did not, and not to listen to their complaints about anything, either.  Michael had no problem, whatsoever, though, with me giving gifts to him, Jim & Eileen Kirt, or to Paisley Mavutula.  Anyone who is currently in favor with Michael can be lavished upon, but the everyday Pastor, teacher or office staff at Kalibu must never be shown any favor or blessing by any outsider, as it competes with Michael’s control that he exerts over them.  He is fiercely protective of this influence over others and is watching at all times to make sure no one else gets close to anyone under his control, for fear of losing his influence.  He became furious this summer when Stanford (Shorty) came to work with me after being with Kalibu for 15 years and actually ordered Stanford to move out of a house that Michael didn’t even own!  Of course Stanford refused and the owner of the house made it clear that Stanford and his family were welcome in perpetuity, the more so if he was now working with Roz and me and NOT Michael Howard.]

Well as I was saying I attended the bible school for 3 years. About 6 months in, I asked to work at the hostels at the Kalibu Academy as I wanted to work with the students. Before long I was promoted to Boarding Superintendent and I could not step a foot wrong. I got what I wanted, when I wanted it from almost everyone in Kalibu. Michael would even allow me to eat at his table (the highest honour in Kalibu). In my time in this honoured position I was really struggling with the double standards. We were taught in the Bible school, “Do as I say not as I do.” Michael taught several times that he is never wrong and he even boasted that he has never apologized and he never will! To be honest the Bible school was a complete sham also. Michael never once even bothered to mark our exams or essays nor did he even bother to return them to us, I did not even get a graduation certificate even though I was later given the position of project manager in Nkhotakota. I remember that Michael would even sleep through the classes he was suppose to be teaching! Michael would often teach first class in the morning and he would be followed by a class by Frank and then lunchtime and we would then all have jobs to fulfill. Well it quite often happened that Michael would for example say that 1+1 = 11 and explain how anyone who teaches anything else was just stupid, and then Frank would come in next class and say that 1+1 = 2. So we as a class would say that Michael teaches that it is 11 and then Frank would almost quake in his boots as he would try to get back in line with the law of Michael! This happened on many occasions, and I have to say that Frank was a very hard working and competent teacher who had his ministry destroyed by fear, as did we all! Fear of not pleasing Michael! At the intercessions we were forced to TRAVAIL and WEEP for our wickedness……. I have to say that looking back the experience of this Bible school actually damaged me so badly spiritually that I no longer knew which way was up or down!

Africa 592

This was the classroom when the Bible classes did eventually start.

My warning to anyone reading this is, STAY CLEAR OF THIS “APOSTOLIC” MINISTRY at all costs!!!


I found a position of trust among the missionaries in Kalibu and many people confided in me regarding their problems with the leadership in the ministry. I was told by Michael that I was “the only one walking on egg shells” in the ministry but that is far from the truth (please check the email between Michael and myself on the website regarding this quote). I have heard it from the mouths of Frank Van Dyke, (Bible school teacher in Southern Sudan and Malawi) that he is terrified of Michael! That is a senior member of staff terrified of his colleague. I know for a fact that Christopher Navaya and Errol fear Michael and Paisley greatly and that they know who pays their bills (and they are reminded daily). Paisley once told me that “he would never cross Michael even if he knew he was wrong, NEVER, so I had better not expect him to!” Every single person who was in a leadership position knew to never cross Michael! I did not witness a great man of love. I saw an apostle of fear and manipulation, a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Everything was going well for me at Kalibu (except for my double standards which I had by now learned well from the leaders) until I got engaged to Maria Salmela and then we got married in Finland in Dec 2009.


Michael Howard marrying us.  This is how close we were to him at that time.  Things would soon change.

After our wedding we were to spend 6 months raising support for a new work in Nkhotakota which was fully backed by Michael. We agreed with Michael that we would have a meeting with a local mission organization and we would try and make a partnership between them and Kalibu. They had expertise in working among different nationalities and communities whilst Kalibu had the local churches and connections. This was all approved so we had a meeting with them and told Michael that the organization was happy to go ahead! To our surprise, instead of being excited about the new partnership win the lost for Jesus, Michael told us, “Don’t bother coming back!” We were confused, we then got another email (the first abusive email we had ever received from Michael – it was so bad I deleted it as it upset Maria so much, I regret this now) we were told that Michael knew we were running away with another organization and leaving Kalibu, that we were ungrateful and good for nothing and we had better repent and change our attitudes…… Well we then decided to “repent” as we were under his authority and we told the other organization that we would not be partnering with them for now, but maybe in the future. From that time on we were bullied and manipulated, lied to and cheated by Michael and his CULT following! We tried for 3 years to please him and ended up putting a massive wedge between ourselves and God instead!

I have so many strong words to say now because to my shame I have supported this ministry with such fervor for so long that I need to straighten things up. A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Well I am no longer in 2 minds. After 3 years of searching, praying, fasting, counseling and much more I am single minded in my stand against Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula! I have seen such wickedness that it makes

me cringe to even think about it! This story is so long but I feel I need to say as much as I can so that it may be useful to the cause of stopping this abuse from destroying others.


 We were told by Michael in late 2009 that we should send all of our support through Shekinah UK and Out Of Africa Finland (OOA) and that he would then give us the cash equivalent in Malawi in Kwacha (saving us a lot of money and hassle – Supposedly). This is what we started to do and we were even added to the OOA’s website and newsletter as a project that could be donated towards. All was going well until people started to give money to us!

{Begin email}—————————–

Date: 1 February 2012 09:05:41 EET



Hi 🙂

The Othniel House portion of the end of the year transfer to the UK was 14 840 euro. (Fourteen thousand eight hundred forty euros).

Bls, K 🙂

Kati Spratt

Out of Africa ry/Toimisto PL 40


{End email}——————————

After this email we were soon told we were being taken out of all of OOA’s communications as we were taking their hard earned money! So we thanked Michael for letting us be there for a few months and we would now only get money from our contacts, but still that money could go through OOA as before. Well again we were getting a lot of money and people were supporting our vision by giving and we were soon told that the board in Finland had decided (not Michael – with no influence from him supposedly) that we would now have a 10% fee for admin costs for all of our support that they handled (Michael also told us that the board wanted to take 20% but he had persuaded them to only take 10%). So we agreed that for that fee OOA must give us a breakdown of all of our individual donations and who gave them so that we could thank people and know who has given. Over the next 2 years we got about 3 months worth of names who gave to us and the amounts, after a lot of reminding! And we were supposed to be grateful for only paying 10% for this service!

[Editor’s Note: to bring some clarification to this: Mark and Maria were initially told by Michael that if they raised money for the work that the Lord had called them to in Nkhotakota, the money could NOT be donated to them directly, but had to be given to OOA in Finland or Shekinah Ministries in the UK.  At that point, Mark and Maria would be handed the equivalent exchange amount in Malawian Kwacha.  Michael also promoted the work in Nkhotakota to his donor base through OOA’s website and newsletter.  When it appeared that Mark and Maria were getting a lot of support, Michael became jealous over how much was being given to them and accused Mark and Maria of taking money that should rightfully go to him.  As a result, he removed them from OOA’s website, but even still they continued to receive a substantial amount from their own contacts, as the Lord lead people to give.  At this point, Michael instituted a 10% “tax” on their donated money under the guise of “administration costs.”  What Mark doesn’t say is that he was already being taxed on the conversion rates from Euros to Kwacha and from British Pounds Sterling to Kwacha, same as every other foreigner or missionary that has anything to do with Michael Howard or Paisley Mavutula.  I experienced this myself the first time I exchanged money at the school.  The rate was about 10% lower than I could get right on the street in Blantyre.  Because I am familiar with the foreign currency market, I noticed the discrepancy and never again asked the school to convert money for me.  Others would never realize this and this money is just skimmed off by Michael and Paisley and put in their pockets…]

It took over a year and a half to get nearly £2000 owed to us and the work in Nkhotakota. Here is a copy of an email of when this 2000 British Pounds was donated to our work via Shekinah Ministries UK:

{Begin email}———————

10/12/11 at 1:17 PM

Dear Mark and Maria,

On 3rd October 2011, ****** Church credited Shekinah account by £1985.

Love from all of us at MCF, John

{End email}———————–

This is a copy of the email when after A LOT of fights the money was finally handed over to us.

{Begin email}———————–

!         From: !Pastor Mike new <>

!    Subject: ! Re: Uk Transfer

!          Date: ! May 3, 2013 6:41:41 PM GMT+02:00

Dear Mark

There is no SWIFT NUMBER so I think that I will simply have Pastor John mail a cheque with a note. I asked you to give me the total amount.

Love Pastor

{End email}————————-

So the money arrived in Shekinah Ministries UK account on 3rd Oct 2011 and we finally got it just after May 3rd 2013! Almost 2 years later!

And of course, all of this was my fault! Please note that Pastor John was always very transparent and one of the most honest men I have ever met (I have removed his contact details from the email above for that reason).

Here is the last of my 3 separate inquiries into this money. Michael obviously knew about this money because I had actually used some of it through a debt for import duty as I knew that would be the only way I would get it. So I stand corrected: I had received some of that money by default.

{Begin email}—————————

Dearest Pastor

I was just discussing with Pst Paisley about finances and he said that we are no longer suppose to get foreigns moneys we have with the ministry in Kwacha here. Well we are still awaiting the money that was sent to Shek min uk from ********** church in late march last year. It was £1947.50 – We used 120,000MK for duty on the windmill. Are we still able to get it in MK or should we get it in UK back from Shek min? The last time I asked for it there was not enough MK at the school so I was told to wait. Can you please advise us on this issue.

Love Mark

{End email}—————————–

I do not consider that rude… This was the response:

{Begin email}—————————–

On Apr 7, 2013, at 3:19 PM, wrote:

Dear Mark

This is a rude attitude and letter. I told you to keep me updated   on UK money and you have not. How is it that you have made      Pastor   Paisley so upset. Now, because of this I am telling you     that you  will also pay on the shipping which is MK180,000 on top  of the duty  and whatever I SAID you have to give Pastor Paisley    for His running around. The cost of the container was finally 12,000 EUROS! You are still on about that 10%? Do you know how much it costs Kati, our book keepers and accountants just to keep your figures. Wait until you start your own banking and       bookkeepers and you will never complain again about a miserable  10%. That is 100 euros in a thousand. Wow, how ungracious and unthankful.


{End email}—————————–

This was my response (and yes we were just “fined” for asking about our money!):

{Begin email} —————————–

Dear Pastor

I was not complaining about the 10% I was just wondering why we     could not use that money to pay off the duty? I had spoken twice          with you about that one transaction one of those times was when we         paid for the duty on the windmill, so I thought it could be easy    to  do the same. To update you about the UK that one transaction is the  last we have sent there, my home church does all of our UK finances  for us and have done for a year now. I wrote the email     with just the      facts as I had just emailed you and know you are  busy so I tried to       give all details so when you had time you could ask john about it.        It was a mundane monetary issue to me    and that was how I wrote it.

I am tired of walking on egg shells waiting to see who will explode next and over what? We really need to talk when we are in Finland!


{End email}———————————-

Here is Michael’s response:

{Begin email}———————————-


If you were not complaining about the 10% why bring up the subject  at all? You are so disrespectful it is unbelievable. I would never    ever in my life have spoken to my leader the way you address or speak to me and that is the sum of it.

Read your letter about the money. It is diesrespectful and if you cannot see that then I am    amazed. You dont have to walk on eggshells if you behave properly. Nobody else walks on eggshells so look at yourself. Where do you get off telling me I have exploded or Pastor Paisley has exploded

for telling you straight as it is. What happened to the young man  who was in charge of my hostels. You are NOT THE SAME PERSON and if  this is what marriage has done it is WOW! Take a long hard look at    yourself and if you cannot address me properly dont address me at all. If you want to see me in Tampere you better come with a humble and respectful attitude. Your attitude is what is rotten, Mark. Send me the account of your church and I will ensure that your  money is sent. In the meantime, settle your accounts with Pastor Paisley locally.


{End email}———————————

When the finances stopped coming in Michael soon noticed and told us that this was judgement for our rebellion, but he did not realise we no longer trusted sending money to him, and so the finances hadn’t actually stopped, we just stopped sending through his ministry where they were held and taxed!

I could go into more detail but will not for now. Michael uses his power to control EVERYONE under him, be it through finances or visas. Michael refused to meet with us in Tampere and discuss anything to do with Malawi, we were told to come for counseling from him and Harri. That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back! I did not trust Michael or Paisley so I went back to Malawi because Maria had to go through a minor surgery which could not be delayed. So when back in Malawi I lied to Paisley, Frank and Francis concerning what I was planning, I told them we would move to Salima. I lied because I know Paisley bribes police and could have had all of our worldly possessions confiscated and he could have caused us so much damage. So I was afraid of this. So I sold all of our things, NOTHING belonging to Kalibu and got on a plane and left Malawi.

On arrival in the UK I sent this email:

{Begin email}———————————-

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter to inform all interested parties that Maria and I (Mark) from this day forward have nothing to do with Kalibu and OOA Ministries. We tried to speak with Michael Howard in Finland but he refused to speak with us about Malawi in Finland. I have not been transparent in the last few weeks (since the rejected meeting in Finland) I did not trust how the leadership would have responded. I am sorry for that!

All that we have built in NKHOTAKOTA is obviously Kalibu’s. We hope that the house can be used as a bible school for the village pastors as was the original intention. The minibus (which is in our name) we will give back to Pastor Frank for him to use or to sell to purchase another vehicle. We have sold and given away our personal items, all that remains in cottage 2 of ours we have given to Pst Roz plus our 4 AC units from the school storage (used samsung ones). I have given the keys to someone to the cottage who will bring them to the school in the next day or 2. The minibus is also with someone who will make sure it comes to Pastor Frank. I will communicate with Pastor Frank about that.

These issues have gone on for far too long. And from our experience we KNOW that nothing in Kalibu will ever change! Anybody who disagrees with a pyramid system is classed a rebel. This is why we are getting out, we do not want to be under that kind of leadership anymore! We have been abused and manipulated constantly. I have been told the one issue is finished and then 2 weeks later up it comes again. Even simple monetary issues become a fight. How many times you wanted me to say sorry I do not know! Then you try and blame our marriage for these issues… I do not want to make this a blow for blow fight so I will stop there for now. If you want to use voice recordings or letters etc I can reply with the same!

This has been a devastating decision but we can see no way of ever working with Michael Howard again. We have left Malawi as we do not want to cause division among the work there!

A fight now is not going to benefit anyone, so let’s not make it into one! We have been greatly disappointed as I am sure you are now also. It is over! There is no room for discussion.


Mark & Maria Cronin

{End email}———————————-

Such is the control in Kalibu we were even told who we were allowed to buy our airline tickets from, with our own money! Michael used to make everyone use his travel agent (who charged a fortune) and all of this was so he could collect all of the air miles from everyone else’s traveling and he could get free flights with all of the upgrades! Please realise I am not bitter but just trying my best to give an in depth insight into how Kalibu works!

Prayer Banned

There was a big controversy happen in Mozambique and it all started because Eileen Kirt had it in for another missionary they were working with in Mozambique. She used to curse like a trooper at him and treat him like a dog. Jim & Eileen Kirt were suppose to be a tent making ministry so they had a timber yard, but all of the money is now in the states and definitely not in any kind of ministry in Mozambique! I heard Eileen brag “It is their hard earned retirement fund!”

[Editor’s Note: Jim & Eileen have both told me that all the wood they have in storage units that they are now selling is their retirement and their future source of income.  I don’t know if it was a tent-making ministry, but it was certainly a profitable one!  For more information on Jim & Eileen’s wood business, you can visit:]

Anyway they so abused this other missionary that he left Kalibu and started his own work there. But Jim and Eileen spoke nearly no Portuguese so they were now in trouble until they found another couple, Judith and Jacinto who came to live in the compound in Mozambique in the Kirt’s guest house. Maria and I were forced to go to Mozambique (because of our “rebellious nature” as we were to learn how to behave from Jim & Eileen).

All of this happened when Maria was heavily pregnant with David (it was a 6-8 hour drive on very bad roads oneway) because Michael wanted our marriage to be more like Jim & Eileen’s and we were suppose to follow their example. We were told in no uncertain terms that the missionary who had left was of the devil and we were not allowed to talk with him! This made me very unhappy because he is my best friend!

Here is the command in Michael’s own hand:

{Begin email}———————————-

On 4/22/12, <> wrote:

Dear All

I have just learned that ****** will be returning to Morrumbala whilst

you are there, Mark and Roland. Given your past friendships, I hope

that I do not have to tell you that you are NOT FREE to visit him and

neither is he welcome to visit you. We are just getting our pastors

into line and thoroughly understanding the situation vis a vis


who has been most treacherous. Should ******** come to see you, you can

give him the clear message that I DISTINCTLY TOLD HIM THAT MOZAMBIQUE

WAS A BIG COUNTRY and that he must relocate elsewhere and not interfere with the work of Calibu but he totally ignored in his usual

self-willed rebellious manner. Therefore, you are not free to even talk to him if he visits you. Tell him clearly that he needs to stop

sowing seeds of discord amongst our pastors. You give him this clear

message and not just betray me by saying, “We are not allowed to talk

to you…Pastor says…” If you do not have the guts to stand up for

what is right then better you cancel your trip until you do have the

guts to stand up for what is right.

Love Pastor

{End email}———————————-

[Editor’s Note: what stands out to me is the spirit that I have found pervasive in every area of this ministry and life of Michael Howard, and it is found in line 3 of his email above, “you are NOT FREE.”  Everyone is in bondage, instead of the freedom that the Lord called us to walk in.]

We were horrified by the lack of any sort of ministry in Morrumbala, Mozambique: everything was about the blackwood business! Morning prayer had about 6 – 10 people coming to it (mostly workers who were forced to attend) Now, please bear in mind that they had been in this compound and village for over a decade!. Well Jim was suppose to have organized an itinerary for our visit so Roland and I could go with him out to the village churches and teach. Most of that was cancelled because Jim was packing up shop and we spent a lot of time just loading his black wood to be shipped to the USA.


Jim & Eileen’s blackwood business: the heart of the “mission” work in Morrumbala, Mozambique.


This was us loading the wood, instead of ministering to the people.

We did go to 2 churches though for one meeting in each, maybe 3 churches. All of the meetings were just full of the pastors asking Jim where has he been!!! All they wanted was for someone to come and teach them! Well this did not bother him as he had to get on with business.

Judith & Jacinto were now earmarked to take over the ministry when the Kirts left. We went back to Malawi and carried on with life. As the next couple of months progressed Judith & Jacinto were “anointed” to take over the ministry.  Then,  within weeks it was exposed that Jacinto was having multiple affairs with local women and had even got one pregnant!!!

This was all covered over and we were not to discuss it! Well we decided we needed to pray about it in our morning devotions at Kalibu. Some visitors were in those prayer meetings and they started to question what they were hearing, so Michael closed all home prayer meetings!!! We were only allowed to pray together in his supervised meetings!!! I have attached the part of a letter he wrote to all missionaries and visitors following here:


Now does that sound like the revival he quotes in his newsletters that is supposedly happening in Malawi at HIS academy?!! God gave freewill but we could not choose our friends, we could not hold our own prayer meetings in our own homes, we were not allowed to ask about our finances and the list goes on!

The hypocrisy was so crazy. I was told that Christopher Navaya (Head of outreach) was a thief by Michael and I was to have no dealing with him at all, as he had supposedly stolen a lot of money when he was in control of Michael’s cattle. Michael never took those words back and never apologized when Navaya was later put back in charge of cattle…. We were told contradictory things daily by Michael, but for some reason I went along with this whole sham! The teachers at the academy were told in very strong words in one staff meeting (which I attended) that no teacher is to have any kind of friendship with any student, if they were caught being friends with a student they would be fired. Paisley (the current headmaster) had a student as his best man at his wedding, that is the headmaster of a school having a student as his best man!!! What complete hypocrisy.

I was a broken man for this period of my life! My marriage was strained by all of the constant abuse we received and all of the pressure that was placed on me to REPENT!!! Maria gave birth to our 2 boys in Malawi during this time, plus we were building in Nkhotakota which is about 5 hours drive north from the school. We were not permitted to use Kalibu’s workers for our building unless they worked overtime and we paid them for everything they did! Michael did not give even 1 kwacha towards the construction of the mission house, except for the initial buying of the land and the bribing of local officials! This he only did so that everything we built would be in his name!

The only thing Michael did not charge us for was the use of his 10 ton truck, we had to pay the drivers salary and the fuel but we did not have to hire their truck. I only say this because Michael promised many times that he would help with putting the electricity to the land which they did not do until about 2 – 4 months after we left! Once we left they started to invest in Nkhotakota mission house and even sent a team of about 20 international builders up to the property. Looking back I think Michael wanted the entire mission in Nkhotakota to himself so he pushed us into a corner where we either became mindless clones of him or we left! He states in his letter that we missionaries were ungrateful for free rent and electric but he does not say about all of the free labour (skilled labour at that) he receives by having us live there!

We raised about £40,000 and put that all into being able to build what we did in Nkhotakota plus the combined 6 years of free labour we gave to the Nkhotakota project alone. But when we left we were accused of stealing!!!!! From what I hear I stole towels and bed sheets!

I just had to laugh and move on.

We tried for the last 2 years since we left to not taint Kalibu’s name for the “works sake” and we have stayed very quiet until now. Now it is enough something has to change! I cannot stay quiet when I hear that not only has Michael not changed but he has gotten worse! If needs be I will add more detail and more accounts and can even find witnesses to back up my testimony. I am willing to testify to this truth everywhere and anywhere! I will not be threatened nor intimidated!

Michael Howard is walking a life full of sin and lies and I pray he will repent and be saved, if not just for his sake but for all of those who are under him!

Mark Cronin

A leading member of Kalibu from April 2007 – June 2013